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The Bitter Homeschooler's Chocolate Cookbook

By Deborah Markus
December 2009
Secular Homeschooling Press
104 pages / $7.00

So. Um. A homeschooling book about chocolate?

That only sounds weird if you don't actually homeschool (or if you're one of those "white chocolate" weirdos). The fact is, homeschooling and chocolate belong together.

Think about it. Say you're having a tough day. Gripe to your non-homeschooling friends, and they'll helpfully point you in the direction of the nearest public school. Take that same rant to your homeschooling support loop, and what will they say? "Sounds like you need chocolate. Go send the kids on an educational field trip to get you some."

Sadly, this book is not actually made of chocolate. But it does offer some wonderful recipes, fun facts, and general information about the substance that keeps more homeschoolers going than John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Mason, and The Well-Trained Mind combined.

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